Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last Night's Studies

The final day for my new schedule is all about composition and principles, and it rotates between quick master studies, lighting and colour studies. I wasn't able to post it with the previous update, so last night I tried Mike Bierek's process for master studies, which are timed studies that start off very quick but slow down until there's one left to refine. After that it's quick thumnailing with some light reference (He calls it "reference-guided imaginative") to create a new scene based on what I learned.

First the master studies;

I was surprised how much info I could get down when I had a timer ticking. I then went on to do some reference-guided imagination works;

For the first image I was looking at Varia's outfit (from xena) while springing off of the Rituals' colouscheme. Next was a generic landscape and finally a forest spring encounter while looking at a nude girl in a forest.

I didn't mind any of the 3 but for the time I had I felt like the first one was the way to go (Plus I wanted to create a barbarian warrior woman who while scantily clad, was not the typical thin/gorgeous model in a fantasy world)

Overall I feel pretty good about the outcome, especially since I was very apprehensive at the start (I normally don't do well with times sketches and master copies take me ages) Hopefully I learned a thing or two. I do notice that the studies I did contain a lot of intense orange, while I use mainly green and red...

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