Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Studies, Practice and a WIP

This week in the study rotation;

Insects (somewhat failed at, i applied the timed aspect to the sketches when i shouldn't have)
Modern clothing (got to do some imagination sketches but didn't get as far as I would have liked)
Heavy Machinery (tanks, apcs and helis. Practice was space-gunship concepts)
Cities (only really got one sketch done, bad day)
Master studies (I look forward to this all week. these are fun!)

I also included some ridiculousness (if anyone gets where it's from I love them) and a set of WIPs for the new artorder challenge.


  1. Hey, in the wip, do you go to color from your value sketch with overlay or color layers?

  2. That WIP is from early last year and it was one of the last times I colourized a value sketch. I can't remember which exact type of layer it was, either an overlay or hard light layer. It looks moer like an overlay layer to me.

    These days however I have a tight pencil sketch set to multiply and underneath I go straight to colours on a normal layer. No value layers.

  3. Thanks mate! Do you use any multiplys, overlays etc. in your current workflow? It would be interesting to see a sequence or vid. Cheers!