Monday, January 16, 2012

First post - sketchbook catchup, past and recent work

So here it is, my first blog post and first general art dump since October. The blog layout is still pretty rough but I'll diddle around with the nitty-gritty some other time. I would have posted this in my sketchbook on but I've been screwed over by their uploader too many times to try again. I'll try to go chronologically as best I can here, which means the first bit is the rest of the images I did for The Isle of the Unknown rpg book;

Next are some of the studies completed BEFORE my new schedule (around november-december). These first two were actually some prep work I did before a bar-scene illustration that had to feature the likenesses of 3 women. Quick likeness sketches to the right (poor quality photos unfortunately)

Next are some relatively new freelance work and personal images;

And finally, here are the studies I've done from the last little while with my new schedule. I've taken The schedule from Mike Bierek's blog and adapted it to my own goals. Basically, instead of timed studies I basically try to shoot for quantity, starting with 2-3 pages of sketches (with the first being gestures and/or quick sketches) of the subject, 2 greyscale digital studies, one colour study and finally ending with practice IF I have time.

I've front-loaded the sketches and greyscale so if I don't have time for the rest (I usually don't each night, I need to get these done faster.... not that I need to draw faster, I just need to quit being distracted and keep the lead to the paper longer) I've at least tackled the STRUCTURE of the subject, which I think is much more important for me to get. By having a specific but ever-changing schedule in front of me I've been much more motivated. I've already done about as many studies in a week as I have the last few months. Anyhow, here are some;

Whew, alright, I think that's it. Getting to know blogger's upload system was good too. Hopefully this time I'll have enough sense to post more often. As always, any critiques on anything (sketching technique, finished images, study process etc.) are greatly appreciated.

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