Friday, November 23, 2012

First Paizo Work

Proud to present the first illustration work I completed for Paizo Publishing back in May for their Pathfinder NPC Codex. Was a lot of fun and really helped me streamline my process especially with
my character work.

First up is the Constable, who I interpreted as being someone who took their dress more seriously than their job

A Thug or Ruffian that I assume was meant to be a general baddie

The following two, the Superstitious Mercenary and Agail Enthess were both based on characters created by Wayne Reynolds for the cover.

 A half elf Adventuring Blacksmith that I wanted to give a no-nonsense face to.

A Murderous halfling who kills with acid and has a bad sense of disguise.

Finally, my favorite, an Iron Wizard and her hawk familiar.

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