Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pencil-heavy post

So it's been a while, again, and I've come back with some studies that show my continued lack of proficiency with the good ol' pencil. I've been really busy lately and haven't had nearly as much time as I want with studies, but I did manage to squeeze some in here and there. I think I'll ditch my approach where I detail what subjects i covered at the top of the post. Instead you'll get images seperated into "wok" and "studies."

So here we go;

Art for a banner ad and my first released (but not my first completed) art for Pathfinder;


She originally had hair;

Annnnd onto studies and sketches;

Here's me preparing for some fanart by trying to explore Inuit facial features as applied to Korra's face;

And finally, two images that were half wok half still life studies (I counted them as my lighting/values studies for my schedule)

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  1. beautiful stuff jason , and loving the pencil studies : )